Ducted Vacuum Systems

Are you sick of tripping over your conventional vacuum cleaner, damaging your skirting and furniture by dragging the vacuum behind you, or even trying to find a power point to plug the vacuum in to? It’s time you looked at a ducted vacuum system for your new home.

Unlike a conventional pull along vacuum cleaner that recycles dust back into your home, a ducted vacuum system directs all of the dust and grime into a bucket located either in the garage or outside the home. This means all those nasty dust mites, and allergens are ducted away from your main living areas. This is great news for asthmatics as you improve your internal air quality every time you vacuum.

Having the motor situated in the garage means you don’t have that deafening noise dragging behind you as clean your home, and your family will appreciate it as well.

Ducted vacuums have a very large collection bucket so you find you won’t be emptying it out as often, and whether you go for a bagged or bag less system they are very affordable to run and maintain.

Ducted vacuums can be used on all forms of floor surfaces and have a vast amount of tools that can be fitted ranging from a simple crevice tool to an air driven power head.

An average home will have up to 4 outlets located strategically throughout the home to allow every inch of the home to be accessed the most common system has a plug in hose which is stored away when not in use, you can opt for a hide a hose, the hide a hose solves the problem of having to carry or store a bulky ducted vacuum hose again.

Simply pull out the amount of hose you need from the inlet valve, connect your cleaning wand (with attachment) and begin vacuuming.

When you’re finished, detach the cleaning wand from the hose and the suction from the ducted vacuum power unit retracts the hose into the smart piping system hidden behind the walls or roof space.