CCTV Systems

Want to add an extra element of security to your home or business, Guardian Alarms can design, install and commission a digital security camera system that covers all your security needs.

Adding a CCTV system to your home will not only add a strong visual deterrent to would be intruders and vandals, it will also give you the peace of mind that if something was to happen it is as easy as reviewing the footage stored on the hard drive to see how the events unfolded.

As a business owner or manager you must deal with threats and incidents on many levels, by adding a camera system to your work place you have a great way to monitor your work place for safety and inventory and assets losses

A CCTV system can also be used to support your Work, Health and Safety compliance requirements by allowing you to monitor for potential areas of risk and for post incident reviews. In some circumstances adding a CCTV system may lower your insurance premiums.

All of our systems come with the ability to be monitored off site either through an Internet web browser or a smart device application. Having the ability to monitor and review footage of your home or office from anywhere you have mobile Internet coverage can be a great tool for most people.